Stimulating Region’s Media and Film Industry

BFMC launches training and other initiatives to foster the growth of film and video production in western Massachusetts.

City Cultural Commissioner Looks Back

As she departs, Megan Whilden reflects on challenges of revitalizing Pittsfield’s cultural sector.

Art for the Covid Era

Clark Museum’s first outdoor sculpture exhibit coincided with the move from indoor gatherings due to Covid.

New Studio Features Fonts

Couple launch new studio to combine expertise in design and creation of fonts

Colorful Painted Pianos Take to the Streets

Artistically redesigned pianos appear throughout Berkshire County to raise funds for the Berkshire Music School.

Publisher Fills Neglected Niche

Artist Book Foundation publishes high-end art books, a niche other publishers have abandoned.

Raising a Poet’s Profile

Organization hopes to add the home of Edna St. Vincent Millay to the list of popular attractions around the region.

Couple Gives City New Arts Center

A Pittsfield native’s desire to give something back to her hometown has led to the creation of a new arts center in a converted mansion..

Contemporary Art in Historic Settings

Visitors to the historic homes of 19th century artists Frederic Edwin Church and Thomas Cole are entering an aesthetic time warp this season with a major collaborative exhibit of contemporary artwork inspired by the painters.

Artist Depicts “Forgotten Holocaust”

Maria Kolodziej-Zincio has created a set of 20 encaustic paintings that tell the story of her mother’s family’s deportation to Siberia under Stalin.

Theater Restoration Reaches Final Act

The curtain has risen at Hudson Opera House for the final act of a restoration that has been underway for nearly a quarter-century.

The Art of Buying Art

Katherine Dufault has relocated with her business helping businesses and individuals navigate the process of finding and buying art for their homes and offices.


After holding its events in a tent for 12 years, PS21 is about to undergo a major expansion with the official opening on April 14 of an innovative new theater building.

The River’s Never Full

Police raid on historic but decaying fishing village in Hudson inspires new novel.