I create paintings, illustrations and photography with a mix of traditional and digital media.

The landscapes primarily represent the Berkshire County region of western Massachusetts and the adjacent Hudson River Valley of upstate New York. Visually, my goal is to capture both the reality of nature and the spiritual and emotional responses it evokes. I admire classic landscape painters such as Turner and Innes and the impressionists as well as contemporary expressive artists.

My interest is in combining new media and techniques and traditional methods as a fusion of the contemporary and timeless. Or, as I sometimes say “newfangled technologies to create old fashioned results.”

My photography is self explanatory.

Painting Process

The paintings are separate creations. They are first hand- drawn on paper, and then scanned into a computer and painted by hand (mouse or digital pem) with art software that behave like traditional brushes, paints and other media. I primartily work with Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop or Twisted Brush.

Below: The process of painting into the basic sketch in steps.

tree1 tree2 tree4

Below: View of a sketched image  in Coerel Painter software. The circle is the cursor. You manuever it like a brush on screen, using a mouse or digital pen. The settings allow for it to behave like a paintbrush, pencil, crayon or other traditional tool.)

The same image a little futther along. As you can tell, a certain amount of aretistic license takes over as it moves along. (It’s still a  work in process.)